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Beaconhurst embodies the ambition to succeed,
the resilience to persevere, the empathy to understand,
the integrity to commit and the respect to value all. 
These are the values we instill across our community.

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Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to Beaconhurst where we believe in developing and preparing each child for life’s adventures. By helping every pupil to truly maximise their potential and have a fully rounded school experience we think this helps them to contribute effectively within our school community and society in general.

From our award winning Nursery through to our Junior and Senior Schools, our relationships with staff, pupils and parents are key and what makes us different.

Our school values are integral to us and are woven through the life of the school. We have ambition for our pupils and encourage it in them; we insist on a learning environment built on respect; we teach that resilience is a life skill; we demonstrate that empathy is the basis for good relationships – and that integrity is a way of life.

We are so proud of many things that our pupils achieve and participate in: our exam results are excellent but not the only impressive thing about us. Whether it is our sporting success, our thriving Duke of Edinburgh and Outdoor Education programme, our global links through our Round Square membership or our Expressive Arts shows, we prove time and again that whilst we may be smaller in size we think big!

Please also have a look at our Facebook page to see some of the exciting things keeping us busy just now and follow us on Twitter.

Best of all, come and see us and discover Beaconhurst for yourself! I am very proud to lead such a great school and would love the opportunity to introduce you to our impressive pupils and highly dedicated staff.

You are welcome any time. I look forward to meeting you.


Sandra Bannerman

Sandra Bannerman
MA (Hons) PGCE (Distinction)
Head Teacher


“You make friendships here
that you will never lose.”
Logan, S5

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What makes Beaconhurst Unique?

As a flourishing all-through independent school, Beaconhurst is well placed to deliver an exceptional education for boys and girls aged 3–18. Located in Bridge of Allan, Stirling, Beaconhurst offers a supportive, nurturing environment where our expert staff can help your child build on his or her individual skills and achieve excellence for themselves.

Beaconhurst Values
Ambition, Resilience, Empathy, Integrity and Respect

From our award-winning Nursery to our Senior School, the essence of Beaconhurst School is reflected in our school values. The values share the views of the whole school community including pupils both past and present, parents, staff and the many partners who we work closely alongside.

We are very proud of our school values and their meaning and impact are incorporated into our everyday life here at Beaconhurst. In the words of a former pupil, our school values, ‘…are absorbed by living with them’.

The Beaconhurst ethos is based on our key values, personal well-being and academic development of our pupils. All our pupils receive the highest quality tuition and guidance – and by celebrating their achievements we actively encourage them to do even better.

We aim to create a dynamic community where togetherness can thrive, both inside and outside the classroom. Leadership and citizenship is of vital importance to us, and we do all we can to foster these qualities in our children, through activities and opportunities in the wider world which we access through our membership of the Round Square Association of schools.

We also believe that a school is not just a place to learn – it’s also a community in its own right. At Beaconhurst we embrace pupils from a range of cultural and social backgrounds and we expect our pupils to be inclusive and polite. From holding doors open for each other to welcoming visitors to the school, we demonstrate that good manners and respect inspire confidence and help them to succeed in life.

Finally Beaconhurst is focused on raising attainment through parental engagement and we actively seek to work closely with our parents via our Beaconhurst Forum.


The Beaconhurst Campus

The current Bridge of Allan site has housed a school since 1919, when the Beacon School for Girls was established. In that same year Hurst Grange, a boys’ school based in Stirling also opened. Both merged in 1976 to form Beaconhurst Grange.

After significant capital investment over the last few years, the current, compact, modern campus incorporates existing architecture and a range of modern buildings covering our Nursery, Junior and Senior schooling needs.

Set in a beautiful woodland setting, the campus encompasses woodland trails and excellent provision for outdoor education. We even have a mountain biking trail, climbing wall, outdoor classroom and an eco garden. In short, Beaconhurst is at one with nature.

An excellent dining hall and sports hall are an integral part of the unique campus. Specialist teaching facilities and a separate music facility are also available. The modern, fully equipped Cameron Hall is a multi-space facility which is utilised not only for school assemblies, but also for theatre and drama performances, sports and large group meetings.

Beaconhurst School is an integral part of the Bridge of Allan community. Convenient for all transport including motorways and excellent train links. We also run our own transport pick-ups on key bus routes and train stations.

Last but by no means least, is our close proximity to Stirling University which, along with our exceptional partnership with Sports Management, allows us access to some of the finest educational and sporting facilities in Scotland.

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Beaconhurst Nursery

Giving your child the best, right from the start.

At Beaconhurst School, we know you want an exceptional education for your child – which is why we provide the highest standards of care and learning from the very beginning. Our award-winning and sector leading nursery has again been given the best accolade possible by the Care Inspectorate, in every aspect of its practice.

Beaconhurst is also the first nursery in Scotland to gain qualification in Fundamental Movement Skills, a pioneering learning initiative that helps young children develop motor skills and increase physical confidence.

Our priority is to offer a stimulating environment for your child, where imagination and enthusiasm for learning can flourish. By encouraging free, safe outdoor play, we provide endless opportunities to develop inventiveness, social skills and resilience.

Wherever your child’s potential lies, we excel at bringing out their individual strengths from an early age. Beaconhurst is dedicated to helping all our young children become motivated, enthusiastic and responsible adults, with a lifelong desire to learn.

Being attached to a school means that we access all the facilities on offer: from the dining room with the catering team to the outdoor classrooms and specialist teaching in outdoor education, science and languages we provide a truly distinctive experience in which your child can develop.

Nursery Pre School to Junior 1
– Creating a smooth transition

As Beaconhurst is an all-through school, it’s important that we provide a seamless progression throughout each stage of learning.

We work hard to give our Nursery pupils the comfortable transition they need when entering Junior School. The Head of Junior School and the Junior Class 1 teacher visits the Nursery department on a weekly basis to get to know pupils and strengthen their relationship.

Then, by the Spring Term, Junior Start 2 children are allocated a Junior 5 buddy, who will help and support them when they start school in August.

We also hold integrated activities during the Spring and Summer term, and provide shared lessons in Music and P.E. This means your child will go from early years to primary education with confidence.


“Last year J1–J3 all went to a science class
and the teacher showed us a volcano
exploding in an experiment
– it was brilliant! ”

Millie, J4

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The Junior Years

At Beaconhurst we believe that the Junior School years lay the foundation for shaping the future development of our children. The key strength of our all through education is the team of dedicated professionals who work together to provide a rounded education which progressively develops to prepare pupils for the challenges of the Senior School curriculum.

Specialist support underpins our academic curriculum as well as providing a good grounding in sport music and the arts. The pathways we have developed through Junior School ensure that progress is carefully monitored and that ambitious and challenging targets are set for each child.

The Junior School is a vibrant and highly active hub of learning which broadens and develops our children beyond the classroom. A wide array of extracurricular clubs complement and add value to our curriculum programme introducing pupils to new activities and further refining and shaping areas of personal interest.

The House Structure which runs throughout the school provides a common identity for pupils from Junior 1 to Senior 6 and pupils join together to compete on the sports field; engage in tasks and challenges and support local community groups through a broad and diverse house group activity programme.

Beaconhurst Junior School provides a fantastic environment for gaining a wealth of experiences across a wide and broad ranging curriculum. Our school values underpin all our activity and we take pride in these. The Junior School provides a seamless transition into secondary schooling. Each year pupils are introduced to new subject specialisms and make more use of the whole school campus. Our transition year bridges the gap between classroom style teaching in Junior 6 to a fully subject specialist based timetable in what would be equivalent to primary 7 stage.


“Academically you definitely get pushed,
there’s so much support to stretch yourself.
I remember getting a bookmark
from the school that said ‘Aim high,
there’s plenty of room at the top’
and that sums up the culture!”

Kirsty, S6

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Moving into Senior School

A tailored education

Pupils in early senior years follow a broad and balanced curriculum. The core curriculum is well supported by a wide range of clubs and activities to challenge and engage pupils’ interests. Our aim in early senior years is to give our children experience in specialist areas as well as a balanced education across a range of subjects. This grounding equips our children with knowledge to make informed subject selections for exam subjects towards the end of Senior 2.

The size of our school means that our pupils are well supported in making these key decisions and in exam years our academic enrichment programme offers pupils an opportunity to engage fully with their selected subjects.

Our staff to pupil ratio means that we can support all our children during their time at Beaconhurst. Our excellent teachers are responsive to the demands of every child and will support them through their time at school. At Higher and Advanced Higher stages small group tutorials are offered preparing pupils for education beyond school. Careers are supported through in-depth profiling and our pupils have progressed into a wide range of careers in academia, sport, music and the arts.

Senior School at Beaconhurst offers opportunities to try new things, focus and develop an expertise in key areas and then progress beyond school with an open and enquiring mind.  Our values are at the heart of all we do and these are enduring and will shape our pupils’ futures.


“Your strengths are uncovered
and developed. I’ve discovered
my passion for Art and I couldn’t
have been given more support
or help to develop.”

Fiona, S6

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Expressing ability: the Arts at Beaconhurst

Beaconhurst’s Expressive Arts Programme helps our pupils find their voice. Whether your child is a born performer or prefers to work behind the scenes, the expressive arts form a compulsory part of their education.

In collaboration with the Music, Art & Design and Drama departments, Beaconhurst stages a number of popular musicals including our annual event at Stirling’s prestigious MacRobert Theatre. Our annual show has also allowed several of our pupils to discover hidden potential. Should your child show outstanding talent, we provide speech and drama classes, and pupils can take part in exams through the London Academy of Music and Drama (LAMDA). There is also a dedicated Drama Club that puts on productions all year round.

Music is one of Beaconhurst’s strengths. Musical education starts in J1, and ability is carefully nurtured from an early age. Thanks to singing and recorder lessons, most pupils can read music by Transition year (P7). In Senior School, all pupils learn piano and guitar. They also study composition, music theory and history in our state-of-the-art music department, which includes an electronic music room with professional quality software. Other instruments – such as oboe, cello and violin – are taught to a high level by our expert staff, many of whom are professional musicians.

Beaconhurst also boasts an innovative artistic culture, and our forward thinking art department encourages pupils to take creative risks. Our art rooms are excellently equipped, and we hold specialist art lessons from J4 onwards.

We believe that the expressive arts form a vital part in helping pupils become well-rounded, capable and interesting adults.


“We have free membership to the gym
at Stirling University; that’s amazing
as the facilities are excellent.
It’s great we are given the responsibility
and trusted to use them.”

Jason, S6

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A Sporting Chance

Creating a healthy, ambitious learning environment is what Beaconhurst is all about – and sport is central to our school.

Beaconhurst is unique in that all children enjoy year round access to world class sports facilities, through our close partnership with the University of Stirling. From the age of 3 onwards, we provide a ‘Sporting Pathway’ which helps children to explore their physical skills. Should they excel in any particular sport, we can help develop their talents to the highest level.

Our nationally accredited Nursery team has a daily physical activity programme which gives children the skill to pursue a wide variety of sports, both at school and beyond. Within each of these sports we offer structured programmes of development that link with National Governing Body initiatives.

Not only that, but over half of our children are offered opportunities to represent the school in team sports, and many are also involved in leadership and development awards.

Beaconhurst’s inspiring sporting culture gives our pupils a chance to develop their physical and mental agility, and encourages vital life skills, such as confidence, teamwork and fair play. It’s our mission to get all children involved in the joy and challenge sport has to offer, and help them reap the rewards.


Beaconhurst School and The University of Stirling

Beaconhurst School has the privilege of close links with the University of Stirling – also known as Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence.

Every day, our pupils enjoy exclusive access to the University’s state-of-the-art sports facilities for physical education and sports clubs. Teachers and coaches are always trained in line with current research and best practice, and every child receives a yearly sports facility membership. This allows them to take part in an exciting range of classes both in term time and during the holidays.

Our strong connection to the University of Stirling gives Beaconhurst unique sporting and educational advantages. Senior School pupils are able to work alongside University sporting squads, and student coaches deliver extra-curricular clubs and events, creating a sense of community and progression.

We also offer the chance for pupils to gain coaching and leadership qualifications through vocational awards schemes. Senior School pupils are given the opportunity to gain an Excellence in Volunteering certificate. Tennis, lifeguard qualifications and fitness leader awards are also encouraged. We were delighted to be involved in the LEAD 2014 Commonwealth Games initiative.

But it’s not just sport that makes our relationship with the University of Stirling so special. Each year, our S6 pupils are given an introduction to a university course, giving them a valuable insight into higher education and empowering them for the future.

Uni Stirling logo


We think that creating a positive attitude
to the outdoors is hugely beneficial.


We offer a rich programme of extra-curricular activities at Beaconhurst. These activities complement and lend value to the core curriculum programme and offer opportunities for our children to try new things and progress and develop areas of personal interest.  Our programme is split into 4 key areas; academic enrichment, sport, expressive arts and the outdoors.  Stimulating progressive pathways run through each strand challenging and developing our pupils to gain high levels of personal accomplishment. We have formed partnerships with a number of agencies which offers our pupils a valuable insight into the local, national and international communities in which we operate.

Academic Enrichment

These clubs support an enquiring mind and develop further areas of passion with an academic discipline. From science club to classics, creative writing and debating the environment stimulates an understanding of wider educational transferable academic skills and introduces pupils to experience beyond the core curriculum. The programme is underpinned by a wide range of drop-in clinics to allow pupils to discuss further topics within academic subject area.

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Outdoor Education

Another unique aspect of Beaconhurst’s culture is our outdoor education pathway. From Nursery to Senior School, our Outdoor Education Specialist teachers are on hand to teach outdoor skills – from navigation and camp craft to paddling a canoe. We find our programme increases confidence, both physically and emotionally, and it also includes educational outcomes that are supported by the Curriculum for Excellence.

When your child reaches Senior School, they will complete the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award, and be given the opportunity to go for their Gold Award. In tandem with our ethos of personal development, if your child shows promise in an outdoor activity, it will be encouraged to the highest level. Or if pupils should wish to pursue outdoor education as a career, they can take advantage of National Governing Body leadership qualifications.

At Beaconhurst we think that creating a positive attitude to the outdoors is hugely beneficial – helping our pupils to lead happier, healthier lives beyond school.

Round Square

Round Square is a worldwide network of innovative schools in 40 countries across five continents.

Membership of the Round Square Association means that each school shares a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development, responsibility and international understanding through service, challenge and adventure.

The Round Square philosophy that education should go beyond the classroom, extending to personal development and a global sense of responsibility, reflects and underpins what we do at Beaconhurst.

It forms the basis of the six Round Square IDEALS which are incorporated into member schools’ curriculum and fit well with our own school values. They are: Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

Beaconhurst via Round Square aims to equip pupils for the future through projects which promote these IDEALS including: Conferences (International and Regional), International Service Projects tackling community issues, Regional Projects, Local and International student and teacher exchanges and the Round Square Global Forum.

One of the best ways to get a feel for Beaconhurst School is to come and visit us. We host Open Days several times throughout the year. However, every day is an Open Day at Beaconhurst and we welcome families to tour the school, meet the pupils and staff and ask more questions.